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Looking for a Book Reviewer

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Now that the new site is online and fully operational, we’d like to begin our search for a long-term book reviewer to join the staff. Ideally, he or she will be comfortable reviewing prose and poetry releases, and will review at least one book per month, though more are encouraged. While there’s no monetary compensation, the reviewer will receive a complimentary copy of every book they review, and everything decomP ever publishes. Also, we firmly believe that reviews should mention positive and negative qualities of the book in question. Needless to say, reviews will and should only appear in decomP. Interested? We hope so.

Here’s what we’d like embedded in an e-mail to us at

1. A short bio with contact info
2. A review of a book you like and a review of a book you don’t like (links are fine if they’re published somewhere; if they aren’t, embed ’em), and each should be 300-500 words
3. Why you think you’re qualified for the position and why you want it

Please apply by April 1, 2010. We hope to notify applicants by May, if not sooner, but watch the blog for the latest news.

Why Didn’t the Archives Get Redesigned Too?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

That’s a good question. The main reason I (Jason) didn’t want the 2004-2009 archives redesigned is because each issue, story, poem, review, or what have you, is representative of a point in our history, and I want readers to be able to view and read our content as it first appeared on the Web. While our earliest design isn’t online–I wish it were–the redesign marks our fourth, major update. The second design can be seen in our April 2004-September 2006 archives, like in “Miss Priscilla’s Dead.” The third design ran from October 2006December 2009. And the fourth is, of course, what we’re using now.

Two publications came to mind when I considered the archives: Hobart and Juked. Both have left previous incarnations of their site intact, though Juked‘s 1999-2004 material is offline now, and I enjoy¬†perusing¬†their archives, seeing what pieces looked like when they were originally published.

Oh, and meet our new section break:

He’ll be replacing the three asterisks. Who is he anyway? He’s Andrew Walker, a writer from the Louisville scene, who we haven’t been in touch with for years. The original photo was lost, so his likeness on the previous decomP logo is all that remains from our contact with him.

Justin Hamm Reads “at sixteen”

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Click here to listen to Justin Hamm read “at sixteen,” a poem we published in our August 2009 issue and nominated for last year’s Pushcart Prize.

decomP’s Nominations for storySouth’s 2010 Million Writers Award

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

storySouth‘s 2010 Million Writers Award is accepting nominations until February 28, 2010. To access the rules and nominations, click here. Stories must be at least 1,000 words and have been first published online in 2009. Editors are permitted to nominate three stories. We at decomP are pleased to nominate “My Motel Week” by Jessa Marsh, “Comorbidity” by Frank Hinton, and “Barnacles” by Laura Isaacman for this year’s award. We wish our nominees luck in the selection process.

Readers can submit a nomination, too. That can be done here.


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Welcome to the new site. We hope you enjoy it. Watch the blog for new content on a rolling basis.