JULY 2007


Ten Names I Would Use if I Were to Start A Punk Rock Band
By Nick Ostdick, Jul 3, 2007
1. The Bum Gardeners
2. Sex Couch
3. When Tom Cruise Was Cool
4. The Seven Dwarfs (each member of the band would emulate one of the dwarfs complete with costuming and demeanor)
5. Animals with Guns

A Roll in the Hay is Worth Two in the Bush
By D.E. Fredd, Feb. 7, 2007
“Jesus Fucking Christ!” Mark pounds the table and the markers go flying not that it matters much at this point. We are playing a salacious striptease form of Trivial Pursuit. I am fully clothed
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By Gaston Locanto, Jan 8, 2007

A Review of Tanzer's Lucky Man (2007)
By Jason Jordan, Jun 25, 2007
Structurally similar to Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, or Dills’s Sons of the Rapture contemporarily speaking, Ben Tanzer’s debut novel Lucky Man (Manx Media, 2007) splits the narration among the four chief characters, who are otherwise known as Gabe, Jake, Louie, and Sammy. And as the back of the book aptly puts it, “Lucky Man follows four friends from their final days of high school through their first couple of years out of college. Each has personal demons they are battling – anger, substance abuse, sexual identity, and detachment.” Most of their travails appear to stem from father/son relationships gone awry, and by the end, only one is left standing.... (more)

This is One of Those
By Ken Pobo, Feb 17, 2007
mornings when nothing’s happening except
that debate I have with myself—

whose version of “Ain’t It Hard” is better?
The Electric Prunes or Gypsy Trips?
Today I endorse the Prunes.
I’ve known it longer, would feel disloyal
to choose the other. Stan, my partner, God

I hate that word, sterile, de-balled,
scentless, just got up. He’s been having weird
dreams which he says he usually forgets.
My dreams eat eggs at our breakfast table,
drink strong tea. Snow does a striptease
at the window. How unbecoming,
but we watch. It’s something

to do. I think I’ll go in the basement,
find the Electric Prunes CD, play them softy.
Stan’s not psychedelic. He’d leave me
for Sinatra. I’m OK with that. Ain’t it hard
when morning loosens his belt on our couch
and farts while reading the funnies.

More of my work can be read online at Three Candles, Adirondack Review, Dicey Brown, and elsewhere. My book Introductions came out in 2003 from Pearl's Book'Em Press.

Bastardized Solitude
By John Hospodka, Feb 16, 2007
The required limb is located. The highest
limb of the trees sporadically viewable
from the office window. Cheered
by this minor achievement, I now shift
sight to a shredded plastic bag ensnarled
within the naked gut of one of the trees.

The shredded plastic bag flails within
Chicago’s winter winds: The battle flag
of a victor who took a visible loss.

Soon settled quite completely into a self
-preservative state of presence, I determine
to grant this sight further esteem: I press my
ear against the polar glass yet hear nothing,
save the drawn-out deadening of a siren –
a sign of what should’ve always belonged

John Hospodka's weekly cultural column, Three Questions, appears on the popular website Gapers Block. Born in 1966, Hospodka is a lifetime Chicagoan.

Duotrope's Digest reports that decomP is #4 in the Top 25 Swiftest Poetry markets and #13 in the Top 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets!

Limitus Test
By Karl Koweski, Jan 01, 2007
I was drunk
so it was difficult
for me to guage
the woman’s
physical beauty
or lack there of

the fact she was
attracted to me
put her desirability
into question

there was
my wolverine sideburns
to consider
descending my jawline
to the corner
of my lips
giving me the look
of a man
to be reckoned with
but it’s been
in my world
women don’t react well
to facial hair
that dropped
out of fashion
two centuries ago

she made her
boldest move
after I karaoked
“I Love The Dead”
Alice Cooper’s
sinister ode
to the joys
of necrophilia
leading me to believe
she thought
if I’d fuck a corpse
I’d probably fuck her

sitting in the darkness
in a corner
of the lounge
arms around each other
as a guy on stage
flubbed his way through
“Ice Ice Baby”
she admitted
the first man tonight
who attracted her
lost out
when she discovered
his lack of teeth

she picked up a shot
of cuervo gold, said
“it only takes
four or five of these
to get me naked”
brought the tequila
to her lips
and I smacked
the shot glass
out of her hand

there was
just no telling
how many she had
before this one

Koweski has been writing for a while now. He writes a monthly column for antimuse.org. He's recently begun co-editting
Zygote in My Coffee with Brian Fugett. Some of his recent chapbooks have been Can't Kill A Man Born To Hang at www.bospress.net and Playthings from www.futuretensebooks.com.

Welcome Home
By Michele McDannold, Feb 22, 2007
it is never quite what you expect the skip-a-long gives you the push
to the west
a head’s down to the
righteous man’s poor land

today there is no hot water, sir
perhaps tomorrow we will bleed out
some heat for you

a little here
a little there

increments of warmth
of worth
there are tags on the walls
gang signs
scratches on the floor
a boy carved out his name
to say— I was here

it is only the Big Man that can wash
away the sins of a slum lord
...the sands of time to carry away
the lost

Michele McDannold is a poet from downstate Illinois. Her poems have been published in various small press publications. Most recently, her work has been in Zygote in my Coffee, Red Fez Publications, Cherry Bleeds and Cerebral Catalyst. She has one of those space thingies at www.myspace.com/oneldamnit


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