2017 Best of the Net Nominations

We’re pleased to nominate the following work for the 2017 Best of the Net awards:

Amy Strauss Friedman – “Autopsy” – Sep. ’16
Adam Edelman – “What I Learned from Dracula” – Dec. ’16
John Gallaher – “Poem for Your Birthday if This Is Your Birthday” – Feb. ’17
Sarah Viren – “Falling” – Apr. ’17
Chrys Tobey – “Letter to My Ancestor” – May/Jun. ’17
Joshua Johnston – “City Hall” – May/Jun. ’17

William Squirrell – “Z Rats!” – Jan. ’17
Ron Riekki – “America” – Apr. ’17

We hope you’ll revisit these poems and stories. And, as always, we wish the authors luck in the selection process.


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