Looking for a Book Reviewer

Now that the new site is online and fully operational, we’d like to begin our search for a long-term book reviewer to join the staff. Ideally, he or she will be comfortable reviewing prose and poetry releases, and will review at least one book per month, though more are encouraged. While there’s no monetary compensation, the reviewer will receive a complimentary copy of every book they review, and everything decomP ever publishes. Also, we firmly believe that reviews should mention positive and negative qualities of the book in question. Needless to say, reviews will and should only appear in decomP. Interested? We hope so.

Here’s what we’d like embedded in an e-mail to us at decomp.magazine@gmail.com:

1. A short bio with contact info
2. A review of a book you like and a review of a book you don’t like (links are fine if they’re published somewhere; if they aren’t, embed ’em), and each should be 300-500 words
3. Why you think you’re qualified for the position and why you want it

Please apply by April 1, 2010. We hope to notify applicants by May, if not sooner, but watch the blog for the latest news.


10 Responses to “Looking for a Book Reviewer”

  1. Dan Lear says:

    Just curious: What’s the word count? Quite a wide range possible.
    I’d like to know before I apply. Thanks, and peace!

  2. decomP says:

    Good question, Dan. I meant to include that info, but forgot. I’ll edit the post to include that. I’m looking for reviews that range from 300 to 500 words each.

  3. marc carver says:

    Jason i would be very interested but how much money are we talking about here?

  4. decomP says:

    Hi, Marc. We aren’t able to pay reviewers. The biggest perk is that the reviewer will receive free books–the ones he or she signs up to review.

  5. Are you looking for reviews on contemporary books?

  6. decomP says:

    Hey, Frankie. Yes, reviews on contemporary books would be best, especially because the reviewer will only be reviewing brand new books.

  7. done and done..thank you guys once again for this great opportunity. Respect

  8. decomp says:

    […] published) (required) Website. is proudly powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) …Looking for a Book Reviewer … will receive a complimentary copy of every book they review, and everything decomP ever […]

  9. faithmingus says:

    hello sirs:
    are you still receiving applications for this
    position? i’ve missed the deadline but
    would still like to try to contribute…
    thank you for your time and attention!

  10. decomP says:

    Hi, Faith. Unfortunately, no, we’re no longer taking applications, but thanks for your interest. Keep an eye out for openings down the line, though, as there may be some.

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