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Links to Rose Hunter’s writing can be found at Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home. Her book of poetry, to the river, was published in 2010 by Artistically Declined Press. Poems of hers have appeared in such places as PANK, > kill author, The Nervous Breakdown, and Juked, as well as (once) in decomP. She is the editor of the poetry journal YB, and lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She is currently engaged in an obsessive-compulsive attempt to write one hundred “You As” poems, although she thinks it might top out at around sixty.

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You as Apples

Rose Hunter

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I purple this moon
in the pulp
fit-like oversize
while you say
you built the house
or had it, lost, easy
come, I will die
in the same place
meaning you do &
that will something.

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