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Marc Vincenz is British-Swiss and is the author of ten books of poetry; his latest are Becoming the Sound of Bees (Ampersand Books, 2015), Sibylline (Ampersand Books, 2016), and The Syndicate of Water & Light (Station Hill, 2018). His novella, Three Taos of T’ao, or How to Catch a White Elephant is to be released by Spuyten Duyvil in late 2017. He is the translator of many contemporary German- French- and Romanian-language poets. His translation work has received fellowships and grants from the Swiss Arts Council and the Literary Colloquium Berlin. His recent publications include The Nation, Ploughshares, The Common, Solstice, Raritan, Notre Dame Review, and World Literature Today. He is International Editor of Plume, publisher and editor of MadHat Press and Plume Editions, and lives and writes in Western Massachusetts.

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Two Poems 

Marc Vincenz

Last Indian Summer

Dawn to dark.

Toil is coming
to an end,

           & water,
that engine of change,

gushes & fans,

a new wave luring
villagers to the metropolis—

but not without subterfuge
(doesn’t social history

creep in from

unexpected places?)—.
It was then they burned

the towns which give rise
to steam

           which fed the iron

& greased the skids;
the sun-god of power

could now be sold
to the everyman

of the everyday, giving

the world its just desserts
in a fixed rate of exchange.


How a ground
of coffee
may be split

to arrive on
different shores.

How a theory
of relativity
may be

on a book
of matches.

How the eye
of a moon
may be sipped

in a wine glass
or the face
of a bank-

note may
hold up
a house.

How nothing
is the sound
of itself.

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