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Born in 1988 just outside of Chicago, Illinois, Alex Hall grew up exposed to, and involved in, the arts. In 1996 he moved to Tennessee and is now proud to call Nashville his home. Hall graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010 with a degree in adverting and marketing. While working in sales after college, Hall continued to pursue what he has always been most passionate about: painting. His contemporary approach to figure painting has recently been featured on the cover of the Nashville Arts magazine and on the ABC TV show, Nashville. Working with oil paint on masonite panels, he combines surrealism and figuration to create beautifully rendered, contemporary works. He draws inspiration from his own life encounters and the everyday struggles to which so many people can relate. Upon the panels of thin glazes and tight brush work, Hall creates pieces that are both euphoric and chaotic, giving rise to a distinct tension.

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Two Fates 

Alex Hall

Two Fates

oil on panel
50 x 36 in.

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