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Kellie Orr, 29, is originally from Perth, Australia, and is relocating to Vancouver, Canada, in June 2018. Using realistic and hyperrealistic oil painting methods, Kellie’s work presents honest observations of social behaviour, personal identity development and western cultural themes. Her work explores the subtle nuances of our daily lives, our shared experiences and the human condition; and each painting presents a unique concept. The artist paints portraits and objects from contemporary Western culture with a style that is almost photographic in its realism, but ethereal and modern. She paints with careful detail and precision, often with multiple layers of paint and glaze. Kellie has been the recipient of awards and recent press features including booooooom.com, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and fubiz.net, and her work is held in numerous private art collections. Dedicated to her studio practice, Kellie is eager to become immersed in the North American art scene and to continue painting indefinitely. She is driven to produce work that creatively expresses her experiences and views of the Western world.

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The truth  

Kellie Orr

The truth

oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm.

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