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Ken Poyner is appearing in Alice Blue Review, Fear of Monkeys, Sawbuck, A Clockwise Cat, Illumen and elsewhere. Much of his summer will be spent watching the wife compete in power lifting competitions. She is the premier 105 pound class raw power lifter in the world.

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Ken Poyner

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As you unfold the paper you realize
It is an appointment note,
One that will drag you all by itself
To the next wait station where
Your expectations will be met by a man
With two ice cream cones, one half eaten,
The other pushed forward for you.
Meet me. Please.
This is all that I know how to do.
Next stop it will be coffee,
And there will be a cute dog in a sweater
At the end of a red leash that for no real
Reason is red, but meet me. Please.
Unfold each piece of paper like
You do not know what it is going to say.
Read the directions once again and tip slightly
Forward, refold the paper, look
Over your left shoulder.
Meet me. Please.
We will be good for one another.
Anonymously our dry air
Will share time like old, tired raincoats.
Our hearts will beat sympathetically.
Meet me. Please.
I am the red paint bucket
Of your imminent arrival.
This is the sum.

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