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Victoria Anderson has published two books of poetry: This Country or That in 2011 (Mid-America Press) and Vorticity in 2013 (Mammoth Press). Other works of hers have appeared in AGNI, Ascent, Greensboro Review, Gulf Coast, Mississippi Review, New South, Prague Revue, and Rhino. She previously served as the writing program director at Loyola University Chicago, and she’s received three Illinois Arts Council grants for poetry.

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The Hour Box 

Victoria Anderson

Always something to foretell & the birds
are busy with it. A different kind of storm.
In our closely observed & considered world
the storm begins with perfect weather.
We are not the weather but the storm.
The antique shop houses pre-owned
objects on which to focus—their solidity
grounds us. We look for weighty pieces.
Together we own nothing.
We have no excuse for being inside
the room with three windows until
we are inside & find what we are made for.
The room has been constructed for our storm—
the room contains our hours. The birds
begin their telling early & because they
are made for the telling, they sing.

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