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Charles Shields’s work has appeared in Prick of the Spindle. This fall he will be entering The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to wrap up his undergraduate degree.

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Charles Shields

between the S / heets
between the 3 / fold frequency

any symbolic gem is
sunlike in its con / fluence

with color / I won’t believe the wind is not alive
wherein we went / we can gel

at the last minute / the last
inaccurate minute split into its constituency

of individual facets
and you thought / I thought

the wind is not alive
as I am not a condition of myself but what is

touched / and isn’t the
de you can’t hiss to enscribe this structible love with / a history

of its construction / ductile
ghost tapered to a point / a penile un- /

til you come
in reverse across the poppy field

to the place from which
the notely name / the fragrant mote / first boned you

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