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Edward Manzi lives in Tahoe City, CA. He has an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. His poems have most recently been published in Blood Lotus, Snow Monkey, Brushfire, Word Riot, The Bakery, Paper Nautilus and Sun’s Skeleton. He also has work forthcoming in The Hoot and Hare Review. He has recently had a poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He works as an assistant in Special Education at a middle school.

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Edward Manzi

Stale is a matter of opinion. If you sniff the good milk long enough it will smell sour. The scissors are closed on my desk. I can’t even mention the season in fear something about it has been said before. The first few green sprouts among the brown are showing and I am hesitant to tell you about them. Yesterday, I thought I was going to go fishing, but when I got to the pond it was still frozen.

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