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André Braga Cabral is a kid who tries to blend all he digs about the lore of Rock/Blues with academic (or word-of-mouth) History. His work has recently appeared in DIAGRAM (Issue 11.1).

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André Braga Cabral

Outrighteously appointed traditions,
dated week-ends are blunt edges to flirt with,
way to cross off the risk,
hence to stress the correction (like embarrassment).
Carpe diem so damn good it moulds tomorrow morning.
Off-the-cuff a fizzy pint of merit,
awesome for the night,
heavily edited for book version.
Antagonized by our entire vicinity & ephemerally brilliant
our songwriting prowess a goose gilded in piss.
The opening chord we bang in unison a myriad of dissatisfactions
compressed into a single satisfying punch (like chicken nuggets smother
We only jam, because coordination is turning hazy and instinctive,
too much cocktail shortens our means,
“nukes curtail the end” (reads the strategy for mess).

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