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Alejandro Pérez is a Guatemalan-American student at Columbia University in New York. He is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee whose poems have appeared in Typehouse Magazine, Star 82 Review, Gravel, HEArt Online, Literary Orphans, Acentos Review, El Coloquio de los Perros, Cronopio, and elsewhere. His chapbook Maybe the Trumpet Is Human was chosen as a winner of the 2018 Boston Uncommon Chapbook Series.

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One Poem  

Alejandro Pérez

Sonnet (The Thing)

The thing about love/ is it’s sneaky/ like
a UPS worker/ who only knocks once/
before leaving/ no/ it doesn’t wait for you/
it’s got places to go/ the thing about love/
is it’s like snapchat/ kind of outdated/ no
one really wants it anymore/ the thing about
love/ is it’s like my abuela’s caldo de res/ better
when hot/ and sometimes it burns/ the thing
about love/ is it’s something like a college/
education/ not that accessible/ the thing
about love/ is it’s like a white shirt/ easily
stained/ like a fly/ that flies around/ your
head/ and annoys you/ something you’d
like to kill/ but decide to keep alive.

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