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Anthony Opal is poetry editor for The Economy and chapbook review editor for TriQuarterly Online. His work has appeared in various magazines and journals, including Boston Review, Notre Dame Review, and The Progressive. He lives in Chicago, where he is a graduate student at Northwestern University. For more information, visit anthonyopal.com.

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Anthony Opal

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agnus dei the spray of a slip-n-slide
King David hides in the hills as my wife
sleeps below the joint of an owl where
I wrap the dog in a towel after
giving him a bath in coco butter
and filtered water (dream water lime
water) or was it just me glancing at
the sun that perfect sphere which cannot be
looked at for too long like the dog starting
to shake and becoming a radiant star
aflame in the middle of the backyard
and so I look away and block my eyes
from the spray that soaks my body any-
way I wake-up to the whispered name Paul

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