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Will Cordeiro has an MFA in poetry from Cornell, where he is currently a PhD candidate studying 18th century British literature. For the previous two years he has been the Artist-in-Residence at Risley Residential College; he has also received residencies from the Provincetown Community Compact and the Ora Lerman Trust. His work has been published or is forthcoming in journals such as Brooklyn Review, La Fovea, Baltimore Review, Paradigm, Sentence, Barely South Review, Spiral Orb, Jacket, Prick of the Spindle, Waccamaw, and Word for/Word.

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Something, Something Borrowed and Blue

Will Cordeiro

My test results are going viral. Whatever
you say. Can and will. Whatever you can. Save
the date. Back up your data. A diamond is. Rather,
ashes, ashes compressed down. Bloody insane. Have

a care. Aww, kiss my booboo, please. Prettyplease?
Smooch-smooch. Break it, you bye-bye. Is that all
better? It’s only sore policy. Plus the processing fees.
Ignorance, they say, is nine-tenths of the law.

Hold it. Hold me. This is a hold up. A hold
over. These are the little jingled shards of a verse
I’m stuffing down your throat. Something old,
something new; something bad, and something worse.

Redress your little white lies. I have one year to live,
and another and maybe some others after that.
Fossil fool to the fear. I’ll make it up, I’m positive.
Hey—you think this razor makes my wrist look fat?

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