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Donavon Davidson’s poems have appeared, or are soon to appear, in: The Salon, Spork, Softblow, Barnstorm, The Fiddleback, Prick of the Spindle, Oak Bend Review, Juked, Pirene’s Fountain, The Montucky Review, 3:AM, Anti-, Arch, Anemone Sidecar, Pedestal, Word Riot, MiPOesias, Stirring, Evergreen Review, Barnwood, and many others. He received his MFA from Goddard College and currently teaches writing at the Community College of Vermont.

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Scene VIII
An Excerpt from Hamlet, Act V

Donavon Davidson

In which the queen drinks from a poisoned cup

I know I confused beauty with the sound of my voice
I could never pronounce
all at once
I wanted to pretend I never lied to you
when I kept silent
I know I confused virtue with your naked body
I could never lay to rest
all over the place
I wanted to pretend I came
clean when push came to shove
I know I confused fear with the little girl in the mirror
I could never find hiding
all night long
I wanted to pretend I slept like a
baby when a breast was near
I know I confused love with a bottle of aspirin
I could never swallow
all in one piece
I wanted to pretend it takes time
to get away with murder
little by little, you’ll see
right before your very eyes
I’ll never make that mistake again

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