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Recent books from Lyn Lifshin: The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian, Texas Review Press, Another Woman Who Looks Like Me from Black Sparrow at Godine, following Cold Comfort and Before It’s Light, Desire and 92 Rapple. She has over one hundred twenty books & has edited four anthologies. Also out recently: Nutley Pond, Persephone, Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness, Lost in the Fog, Light at the End, Jesus Poems and Ballet Madonnas, Katrina, Lost Horses. Forthcoming: Chiffon, All the Poets Who Have Touched Me, Living and Dead, All True: Especially the Lies. Her Web site is lynlifshin.com.

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Lyn Lifshin

when it’s behind my knees
you’d have to fall to the
floor, lower your whole
body like horses in a field
to smell it. White Rose,
Bulgarian rose. I think of
sheets I’ve left my scent in
as if to stake a claim for
someone who could never
care for anything alive.
This Bulgarian rose,
spicy, pungent, rose as my
16th birthday party dress,
rose lips, nipples. If you
won’t fall to your knees, at
least, please, nuzzle like those
horses, these roses, somewhere

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