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M. G. Martin is the author of One For None (Ink, 2010). His work has appeared in Explosion Proof, ZYZZYVA, Requited and PANK, among others. Often confused, he thinks things, sometimes. Find him at mgmartin.tumblr.com & @themgmartin.

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remember when we were gold

M. G. Martin

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remember us beside the deadline?
you: the carbonation inside my gold
tooth. me saying: catch me
in the mouth you gift house.
remember when we were tangled
without the clothing
in constellation humor?

when we were like whales
with obsessive compulsive disorder
swimming in the largest circles
looking for each other in the deepest
parts of each other, becoming
the zero.

do you remember feeding me
spam in the bath & how we read
the sonogram bubbles on the back
of your arm?

when instead of getting an m.f.a.
we laid in the very center
of the kitchen floor &
syllabically whispered
into the very center
of each other for four

remember when we were gold
like the last tooth
& how we shone
like a flashlight
in a whale’s mouth?

i can only wish for my teeth
to fall out of my head
when the sky is the color
of your skin.

i can only wish to last
as long as glitter
on your achilles

remember how love
spelled backwards isn’t
what we are
or a question.

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