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Luke MacLean lives in Montreal. His writing has appeared in Four and Twenty, The Prague Revue, Paper Darts, Scissors and Spackle, Word Riot and Branch. He feels closest to God with a Frisbee in his hand but mostly makes due with a camera at duckfirstfatelater.blogspot.com.

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Postcard from Portland

Luke MacLean

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These days when I call
upon Saint Veronica, I picture you
somewhere between a mirror and a moment.
Sprigs of hair bounding from your veil,
a curl of the lip,
raw skin.

These nights when I picture
you, I call upon Saint Columba
somewhere between a cloud and a scarecrow.
At midnight we’ll share a star.
You bring the Twinkies,
I’ll bring the whiskey.

These mornings when I receive
you, I praise Saint Anthony.
Somewhere between a continent and a catapult
he said ‘you’re an old hockey card
in mint condition, she’s a lemonade
stand on the 4th of July’.

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