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Burgess Needle is a Tucson writer whose work has most recently appeared in Under the Radar (UK), Decanto (UK), Brittle Star (UK), Blackbox Manifold (UK), Concho River Review, Raving Dove, Centrifugal Eye, Iodine, Full of Crow, Kritya (India), Gutter Eloquence, Origami Condom and Red Fez. His fiction has appeared in BlackMarket Review (UK), 10,000 Tons of Black Ink and Connotation Press. He taught English for two years in the Peace Corps [Thailand, 1967-1969], been a co-director of the Southern Arizona Writing Project, co-published and edited Prickly Pear/Tucson [a poetry quarterly] for five years, and was a school librarian for thirty years. Diminuendo Press has published his first collection of poetry: Every Crow in the Blue Sky. See: everycrowinthebluesky.com. He may be reached at: bbneedle@cox.net.

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Burgess Needle

The old man read my palm
           shook his head
           and sighed.
You shall have no power, he declared.
Excuse me?
No power, he repeated.
No power and no children.
No power, no children and a short life.
Dust half as old as Jesus
           fell silently around us
           and water streamed
From sculpted elephant trunks.
Everest ignored us.
Massive tectonic plates
           just below grumbled.
The old man had power.
I had none.
No children either.
Forty years later I inhale
           the aroma of fresh basil
           and realize I’m tired
Of waiting for trumpets to announce
The end of this short life.
I’m impatient for sunrise.
Another day to prove him wrong

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