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Hannah Jove is a poet and maker currently living in Seattle, WA. Previous publications include Raw Paw, The Monarch Review, Ohio Edit, apt, and work forthcoming at The Gambler Mag. You can find her online as @heart_broth and at HannahJove.com. Hannah also does stained glass.

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Mojito Please 

Hannah Jove

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My psoriasis is coming back. It won’t be very noticeable to you because I only have scalp psoriasis and you don’t really spend that much time by my head these days. Remember how you used to be able to tell when my hair was parted on the wrong side? Back when I was still doing character work and I would step out of the bathroom in my slutty robe trying to be ornery but with predictable discomfort, a butcher whose wife just joined PETA to prove a point, pushing my bottom teeth forward and up like Miriam the Mary Kay bitch and you would half-turn from cutting your toenails on the curb of the bed and say in one breath, “Miriam Sheeter’s evil twin sister who is irritable because she is grieving a dead house plant” and I would point at my head and you’d continue, “who parts her hair on the opposite side as you.” Now you’re in that hemisphere teaching yoga and I’m in this hemisphere still killing off my characters one by one and occasionally wearing business attire to the beach.

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