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Jude Dillon is a poet and photographer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a Contributing Editor at Gloom Cupboard, an e-zine based in Europe. He has been published in many magazines: Ditch/the poetry that matters, iota (UK), The Plebian Rag, Free Fall, Numinous Spiritual Magazine, Onspec, Labour of Love, Lichen Literary Journal, Caffe B Anthology, The Bard, and The Purple Patch. Many of these magazines have published his poems over several issues.

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Midnight slides upright into dawn

Jude Dillon

Midnight slides upright into dawn
face forgotten from the night before
waits in the rain to be photographed
skin that rubs a lantern

tied to the slow burn of light
the hostile beverages
the shrine of her wallet

I watch you rock color from the street
Elegance is outskirts and railroads
beyond the squares of concrete, the excuse for trees
flowers held hostage
Who it means to be alive

I won’t always be there for myself
hidden lakes no one comes in winter
the clouds soften
air thick with old rusty chimes
trees stand as if they belong

quickly the sentence I deliver
the eyes of houses
the hands of roads
the fingers of a smile
twist back in anger
salute the clown
circle the lions

wrap up a universe of lawns
seep in at the lazy edge
the hum of a cigarette on a twitchy lip
pitch into the world, close in on the traffic light
the moment fixed on her wrist
the street sketched in chalk
scrawls my name.

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