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Dan Encarnacion lives in Portland, Oregon, where he co-curates the Verse in Person poetry series. Dan has been recently published in The Atlas Review, Eleven Eleven, Upstairs at Duroc and forthcoming in Assaracus, The Los Angeles Review, Whiskey Island, The Blue Mesa Review and and/or. He was the featured artist for Reconnaissance Magazine’s 2013 issue and is included in the anthology Reduce: A Collection of Writings from Educe Journal 2012 (Educe Press).

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Luster(ed) Man
from “Hominids”

Dan Encarnacion

a cold knacker’d nautilus uncoil’d to camber                 attenuating enfilading
rooms            house (is) silent filled with unbrave form             and the walls

keeping girding unentertained                everyone look so happy, the future’s
not ours                        to see, que sera sera, so                        purify(ing)

dissolved the pinholed eye into                its gulping chamber so to see upon
itself working, hear the thrusting ocean              froth against then sigh away

pulled                by its hair, he strikes a match for three                  seconds,
the pearl’d walls                                                                   (they) orange

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