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Richard Charlez is an artist/author/graphics designer from Brooklyn, NY. His poetry appears in various publications, some under his full name, ‘Richard C. Williams,’ including: Adirondack Review, Three Candles, Tryst, Paumanok Review, DMQ Review, Red River Review, The Green Tricycle, 3rd Muse, Eleven Bulls, Little Brown Poetry, Junket, Pig Iron Malt, among others.

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Kill Time

Richard Charlez

In every wall clock, there’s a face
held captive in the bullseye, rough-housed

by second hands, twisting, on and on.
It holds its breath. Patient. Eyeing the time.

Waiting for the round hour to expire.
An explosion of parts: coils and broken bells,

the metallic grapeshot of organs, heart-cranks.
It waits for a new ground zero.

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