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Ellyn Touchette is a biology student from Portland, Maine. Ellyn’s most recent work can be found in Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Nailed Magazine, & Words Dance, and was recently featured at TEDx Piscstequa River in April of 2015. Ellyn’s first full-length poetry collection, The Great Right-Here, is forthcoming on University of Hell press in 2016. On page 714 of A Feast for Crows, George R. R. Martin refers to Ellyn as a “scheming bitch,” and Ellyn thinks that sounds about right.

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Ellyn Touchette

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Frigid rip.

Hip schism.
Crib mist.

Milk-still glitch.
Living kiln.

Brick-swish kiss.
Sin flint.

Rind girl
mirth mimic.
Hiss pinch.

Child     Child     Child
    twitch.    twitch.  twitch.

Ricin psssst.

Dirt-spit tic.
Birth thirst.
Kidskin chill.

Hindsight windmill.

Tin bright
drip slick
crisis fist.

Wight cliff.
Wind wish.
Big finish.

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