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Eve Kenneally is a second-year MFA student at the University of Montana, from Boston by way of D.C. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Star 82 Review, baldhip, Madcap Review, Blue Monday Review, Sugared Water, and elsewhere. Find her musings on Winona Ryder and quesadillas at @eveveve418.

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                          [in another version
                          of this story, i stab
                          the prom queen with a nail file
                          i hid in my heel:]

Eve Kenneally

such a tired genre
                 so many sequins.

braiding his tie to ends, knifing
corsages, their heads

hanging from my trees.
at least we never got boring, my heart

in your teeth, your mouth apple
polished. [you searched for:

your ex. you searched for:
brain-eating amoeba.
popular terms

include:] attic dress, korean lace
fallout, asphalt, scented paper. see

myself shadow writing, what else
to be afraid of. what
else have we done

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