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Jaime Zuckerman lives in Boston. Her chapbook (Alone in This Together) is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Ampersand, NAP, Fruita Pulp, Ghost Ocean, Paper Nautilus, and other journals. She is the art director for the online journal Sixth Finch.

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Jaime Zuckerman

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The children break their knuckles punching
the air, hard and close. This is their day:
fall asleep, pluck the feathers off birds,
curse your face, sleep.

They learn that numbers are fish
that leave sharp scales under fingernails,
all maps are drawn distorted,
words are always leaving us.

They beat out Brahms on a tin triangle,
fingers smelling like burnt feathers.
Everyone says walk straight—
do not look up at those pi-shaped clouds

They are angry because everyone is scared
and no one can tell them how feathers work.

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