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Kate Jayroe is a writer in Portland, OR, with an MFA from Portland State University and a staff member at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Their work appears in NANO Fiction, Juked, Hobart, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, jmww, and elsewhere.

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One Poem  

Kate Jayroe


a toast then too to being lonely
time bleached back headache light across green green hills a
mild nausea in sweet milk
there was a dog with my name
I thought of home in my gut home in myself to dig dig I want
to be a small flat seed on your tongue a muscadine clot
out here we can just have been in a mood like
how the air sits hard in an open mouth heavy moods like how
the storm can happen here
a crystal heat in a bright wood
I watched you walk away my feet on the roof hips slant and dry lipped
you walked soft with purpose in your back there was a window
with a red light to it and a ladder behind you it led to nowhere

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