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Kirk Pinho, a graduate of the University of Alabama’s MFA Program in Creative Writing, is the assistant editor and lead political reporter for a newspaper in Michigan. His poems most recently have appeared or are forthcoming in Paper Darts, burntdistrict, Wisconsin Review, The Journal, Everyday Genius, and others. You can find him at hellokirkpinho.com. “Good Advice (VI)” is an excerpt from his in-progress, book-length poem, “Good Advice,” which is written in response to the upcoming birth of his daughter, who is expected in September.

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Good Advice (VI)

Kirk Pinho

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I made tears for it I sang
—W. S. Merwin

Grandma flipped her car into a toney burb’s mud & told her teeth goodbye Swallowed them like acetaminophens Great-grandpa fooled the bank parking block with aqua sedan & swallowed a mouthful of redside dace &

So hard he & I loved the drink it drank me I found the filth the burn ward it sang for me I wept in the milky din of hounds I helped the old woman with placation I crossed the street & tripped teeth-first on the police siren I made tears for it I sang the murder of crows into slumber I made a marionette an instrument a gerrymandered district for you &

So hard I loved the vortex it spun me into song & I mentioned the capybara & all it did was turn me to gauze So hard the lullaby the B-minor aria So hard the loving marriage & I wept into the cloche so hard So hard the ceiling fan blades of mahogany So hard they mince words so hard So hard

So hard I loved the penne ricotta I walked the magnesium down the road of bats so hard So hard I melted into an echo So hard you felt in the womb kicking my hand like an avalanche So hard the grief The whippoorwills the So hard the

So hard I loved

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