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Craig Kurtz is an autistic fifty-four-year-old living at Twin Oaks Intentional Community, where he writes poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work appears in Bad Robot, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, BlazeVOX, Fat City Review, Hyperlexia Journal, Otoliths, Out of Our, Penny Ante Feud, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Red Fez, Snakeskin, and others.

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Future Flight

Craig Kurtz

Such a propitious
start, a bottle-rocket
riff. You’ll need
zig-zagging eyes to
savvy her. She flies
w/ theremin flares.

What a fortuitous
way to go, transistor
feathers. Add another
motor, her airport
accommodates comets.
Pretty anomalous.

Serendipitous, and now
hear this, she syncopates
with catawampus wings.
You’ll board the confetti
express: extinguish all
presagements, please.

So prodigious, listen up,
she strings silver flames
w/ quasar wire. Take the
escalator, better late
than never, & fasten
your system.

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