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Adam Tedesco is a poet most of the time. His poetry has appeared in Burningword Literary Journal, Up The River, The Kitchen Poet, and other places but he thinks that stuff is pretty boring to discuss. He’d rather talk about the rabbits that live in his yard or the best recipe for astralagus tea. He used to write Maoist movie reviews. That’s probably fun to talk about.

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Adam Tedesco

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Consciousness explodes Zabriskie Point endings and moonlight vomit

I make a little version of the sun in the palm of my hand with a magnifying

Stand waiting for it to burn through so I can cover my eyes and still see you

The lawn’s a parking lot now where you tongued the bottle passing out in an

You showed up at dawn to drag me home but I wouldn’t budge so you called
     for reinforcements

I climbed out the bathroom window and made it to the donut shop next door

Where my mother found me at the counter lost in a moment of indecision

She told me I needed to get off this shit because I was lucky to have you

She said you were beautiful I told her you were even more beautiful

When I was fucked up and you were furious

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