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Donna L. Emerson is a Santa Rosa Jr. College instructor, a licensed clinical social worker, photographer, and writer of poetry and prose. Recent poetry publications include The Place that Inhabits Us, Poems of the Bay Area Watershed, Phoebe, Eclipse, The Paterson Literary Review, The Los Angeles Review, The New Ohio Review, and So to Speak, among many others. Recent prose and photography publications include Passager, Stone Canoe, and Tiny Lights, where she was awarded first prize in the 2010 Flash competition. Her second chapbook, Body Rhymes, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2009 and was nominated for the California Book Award. Finishing Line Press will publish her forthcoming chapbook, Wild Mercy, in October, 2011. Donna lives with her husband and daughter in Sonoma Country, California, near her two adult sons and the water.

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Dropped Stitches

Donna L. Emerson

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after Emily Dickinson

She rose to His Requirement—dropped
her stitches on the floor—
Left there gathering dust and dither
Never stitched again to form a core

While he rode off to conquer status
sheen and pistols by the score
she crept back to mother’s pantry
wrote her heart behind the door.

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