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William Robison is a Professor of History at Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond) specializing in Tudor-Stuart England. He is the co-author of The Tudors in Film and Television (forthcoming), co-editor of Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England 1272-1483 and Historical Dictionary of Stuart England 1603-1689, and author of essays in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and numerous other works, as well as articles and reviews in a number of journals. He is also a musician and a maker of short films.

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William Robison

Fenestrated urchin
sees a round-and-round boat
Speculum Gemini
hydroquatic vortex

Octopoid oracle
atop taut tentacles
gurgling gibberish
udders bubble utters

Aloft a crimson disc
hovers in the ether
fugitive is breathless
it follows like the moon

Window shade silhouette
profile cinematic
mutely nods good evening
sill icicles chilling

Retrograde somersault
lazy levitation
flitting ‘bout the village
Soaring o’er rotten docks

Hosing meat market walls
mopping liver puddles
Ham’s sweet savor lingers
long after Noah sails

Boy in the batter’s box
wasps infest the hedgerow
Dark Mary waits on deck
glove oil in the dugout

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