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Adam Day is the author of Model of a City in Civil War (Sarabande Books, April 2015). He is the recipient of a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship for Badger, Apocrypha, and of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. His work has appeared in the Boston Review, Lana Turner, APR, Guernica, Iowa Review, Kenyon Review, and elsewhere. He also directs the Baltic Writing Residency in Latvia, Scotland, and Bernheim Forest.

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Three Poems 

Adam Day

Whitebone Lake

As the boat draws
near, the forest homeless
in hovels of sumac,
a woman squatting
heavily for a piss
in the sudden downpour,
eyes at sea,
the moon rocking
in the furrows
of the lake face.

Cherry Hill Projects

Birds fall
as taught.

A couch is lifted
to the light.

Looking Out From a Liquor Store

The black crackling sky
like a dresser drawer worked
open, and smell of freeze
above antlered treetops’
ears of leaves, the satellite tower,
a sucking sinkhole, the dumb
river, the cringing docks.

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