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Emily Jern-Miller’s recent work can be found in H_NGM_N, Fine Line Magazine, and in a chapbook, you are not a bird, forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. She lives in the town where she grew up.

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cup the bones

Emily Jern-Miller

You never called me darling and the sleeves are still too long.
Nor honey, dear, or daughter. A name
gets cloaked in what intimacy obscures.
My friend asks a question about you your yielding shielded
by the sun. Barely down. Crickets. We never buried
any bit of you a tourist I would be. Am when I discuss
what we without. A bright earth claps its proper nouns
to stars. Say I meet up with you on an atoll Midway no wolves
but flight full of aspen. You know through every spread
of door my breath still curdles. A loss nimble thin chewing
the middle. We will one day sit a bench whose slat
bears your name. In a container now not even close to decent.

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