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Lucas (Luke) A. Gerber is an undergraduate (‘12) at New York University pursuing a BA/MA in Sociology with minors in Creative Writing and Astronomy. He spent his childhood in Sharon, Mass., with two names. His Hebrew name, Meir, means “from light” or “bringer of light.” He serves as a poetry editor for West 10th and recently received a research grant in the sociology of religion. His poems have most recently appeared in Mason’s Road.

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Lucas A. Gerber

Next morning. He finds her thumbprint
The world is triple-grooved.                 on the back of his thigh.
Am I half-erotic? Anonymous sex is like a free-floating sentence
held together with safety pins.              And waffles on a plate semi-frozen

with a single bite.
      I’d like to be your sometime muse. Why you?
I’m fluid, if unpredictable.       He pours a glass of
Live phone-ins and guest appearances?
orange juice.             Depends where the needle lands.

Tastes toothpaste.     I don’t have a statement. Walt Whitman said breathe      oxygen.
Why? All boys do.      Listens to the window.
Shall we embark on a red night. A paradox of wanting and not wanting?
Yes, and, above all, tape-record-
ed memorials to store-bought objects. Pleasant window-shades,
he mouths.
     Now that we say something else under our breath.

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