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Gayle Newby has been published in Passager Journal and in Grit Magazine. Her work is forthcoming in the Hiram Poetry Review, The Santa Fe Literary Review, Gloom Cupboard, and in Gravel. Gayle has worked as a teacher and as a librarian. A long-time resident of Mississippi, she now makes her home in the West.

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Gayle Newby

William Gay, a man with a kind prophet’s face,
pounded drywall through the relentless southern heat.
thinking perhaps of the dichotomy of choice.
for instance, how those from Pakistan ended up here in
his little burg.
thinking, reflecting, adding, subtracting,
measuring together the bits that fit and didn’t fit.
trudging home at night, paying bills, shaking hands with
the neighbor down the street, all the while, spinning in his head
the death, burial and resurrection of his next horrific plot.

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