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Mary Renzi’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming from theNewerYork, Short, Fast and Deadly, Jersey Devil Press, One Throne Magazine, and many others. She also reads for One Throne Magazine, a beautiful literary arts journal based in Dawson City, Yukon.

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City Burn 

Mary Renzi

Jenny watched the city burn from the flat rooftop. She still wore the soiled pink ribbon in her dark hair, and looked on as a murder of crows scavenged below. The girl’s anxiety was deep, cellular—her body manufactured it now, dependably. She wished to burn her mind shut, to reduce it to ash and scar tissue, or maybe just flood it away, like with graywater chucked from Mr. Silver’s storefront, back not so long ago when there were storefronts. She could be the washed asphalt drying in cross-currents. She pulled several jacks from her pocket, tossed them into the air and caught two on the back of her hand. She wanted to feel as silent as the moon, as the grass, as the smoldering city streets.

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