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Stephanie Renae Johnson is the recipient of an Asheville Regional Artist Grant and the first place winner of the 2017 Lumina Magazine Poetry Contest. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Passed Note. Her work has been published by New Ohio Review, Beecher’s Magazine, Jabberwock Review, and QU, among others. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband and their seven bookshelves. You can learn more at srenae.com.

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One Poem  

Stephanie Renae Johnson

Bride of Frankenstein, Daughter of Lightning

Groom—you fashioned me from dead girls I knew.

These scabbed knees are familiar from schoolyard scuffles.
Purple skirts swirled above the ankles I now call mine.
This belly is the baker’s daughter’s.

A bowl inside—empty—waits for children it won’t have.
I can’t make pink, doughy magic with this patchwork skin.
There is a reason only women weave creatures in cornered wombs.
They hold a secret between their thighs—make children to share the

Since I was plucked from coffins, no secrets here—
there is only lightning sizzled into my nerves.
You said you wanted Paris in the Spring—liar!

You just wanted someone who knew the feeling
of electric blood through frayed veins.
Simultaneously God and Satan—you know my hell
like your own mismatched feet.

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