2016 Best of the Net Nominations

We’re glad to nominate the following pieces for the 2016 Best of the Net awards:

John Paul Davis – “Passwords” –  Aug. ’15
Hannah Lee Jones – “Erlkönig at Burley’s Field” – Jun. ’16
Robert Lunday – “Generations” – Apr. ’16
Meghann Plunkett – “In Response To A Comment On My Outspoken Nature, That I Have No Manners” – Apr. ’16
Claire Scott – “O.R.” – Feb. ’16
Amanda Silberling – “Afterglow” –  Oct. ’15

Robert M. Detman – “Building the Perfect Wings” – Feb. ’16
Chad Frame – “Bat Boy and Sean Penn Meet El Chapo in Secret Jungle Fort Hideout, No Girls Allowed” – Mar. ’16

May they fare well.


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