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Fausto Barrionuevo was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He has graduated from FIU with a BA in Literature and is currently applying to creative writing programs in the United States. Other than writing, he enjoys surreal art in the local museums and is an avid jazz enthusiast.

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Barn Owl

Fausto Barrionuevo

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Pigeon coops, roach motels, mouse traps,
veiled by the billboards back-bending lamps,
veering out like tree snakes.
Hushed yellows on the backs of mosquitoes
by the Barn owl, steady on the scaffold.
Her shadow flying on tropical winds
above her bold profile.
A cold breath flows from her cracked beak,
thrusting seas running like waterfalls
through her cavernous lids.
Under the painted orange sky, a slogan in the sand:
All buffets open till midnight.
Rain drops snap onto granite
as clouds, black as pavement, roll by.
A herd of deer dashes across the interstate,
antlers charging into dark forest.

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