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Carlos Hiraldo’s book Segregated Miscegenation was published by Routledge in February 2003. His poems have been accepted by The New York Quarterly, Arizona State University’s Bilingual Review, Struggle, Latino Stuff Review, the Indian journal Taj Mahal Review, and the British journals Other Poetry and Fire. They have also appeared on the following electronic journals: Clickable Poems, Facets, Plumb Biscuit, 3rd Muse Poetry Journal, and Timbook Tu. He’s currently a professor of English at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York. While receiving his PhD in English Literature from Stony Brook University, he was co-editor for four years of the school literary magazine, Snark: A Journal of Poetry & Translations.

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At Dinner

Carlos Hiraldo

Gently breaks the joints off golden wings,
my backbone cracks on her needs,
undoes the meat, and continues her speak.
I concentrate on indifference.
Her thin, renewly-greased fingers
one by one enter her ovaled mouth
and cleanly, and dry,
one by one they gently come out.

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