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Benjamin Winkler currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he serves as the editor of Splitleaves Press, and is a member of The Philadelphia Hive, an interdisciplinary arts collective. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Eccolinguistics, Otoliths, The Apiary, Galatea Resurrects, and Raft Magazine, among other journals. You can find him on the Internet at benjaminwinkler.com.

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Benjamin Winkler

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naked days    and panic grass
father’s father put to seed
mouths     unto weed
hands     trowels     halfway
down     stuck    to clay

pebble dug    week     bells
sound     edge town
presses shudder     stopped
sky chestnut blossom
air     a rose    told later

came     inside    beat
dandelion stem a thirst
didn’t know    could hold
another common urge    told
sleep leaves sleep beneath

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