Like a Green Firework
By Tom Watts , Feb 07, 2008

When I first met Lewis he had been here for a week and he was pretty shaky. On his first night they had to hold him down like a big fish trying to jump out of the boat, flipping and fighting for a counterpoint to launch off. They said he was convulsing and vomiting yellow foam. He was a big man and a big drinker.
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By Sam Pink , Feb 04, 2008

I took the side roads and toured the town for an hour. I yelled things at people who were walking. I yelled things like “hey” and “fucker” and I yelled them loudly so the people would be startled.
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Bangs & Whimpers
By Peter Schwartz , Feb 23, 2008

A Review of Percy's Refresh, Refresh (2007)
By Nick Ostdick , Mar 24, 2008

The stories in Refresh, Refresh (Graywolf Press, 2007), like the landscapes Percy effortlessly gives life to, are at times gruff and sharp and at once soft and delicate. In the title story “Refresh, Refresh,” for my money the best in the collection — which struck me as odd and refreshing (no pun intended) since more often than not collections hide their gems somewhere in the middle — kids beat up an irritating recruiting officer while their fathers are at war, all the while checking their emails furiously waiting for word on their fathers’ fates. “Refresh, Refresh” is probably the most notable story in the collection as well, originally published in The Paris Review and included in The Best American Short Stories 2006, it earned The Paris Review’s sought...
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By Cindy Rosmus, Feb 29, 2008

He’s old,
we hear,
but how old’s “old”
to a bitch
with corduroy skin
and a twat
you can pull
like taffy?

Maybe real old.
Some crusty fuck,
stinking of Vicks,
clinging to
the love
he’d bought “on time.”
Just think:
those bucks he’d saved
for a stormy day
go right up
Loverboy’s nose.

Maybe “cool” old:
some wannabe hood
who never got “made.”
This karaoke star
with an Elvis ’do,
graying chest hair,
zillions of chains.
Never knows
she’s missing.
That’s no good.

old and “crazy.”
Some Manson-eyed,
Section Eight
knee-deep in guns,
with an
to lose,

Oh, he’ll take it well.

By Cindy Rosmus, Feb 29, 2008

How would I know
your dick is bent,
and you like being spanked
it’s deep inside me?

I don’t speak Spanish,
but when I sucked you dry,
you screamed
“¡Qué rico!”
lots of times.
Maybe “That feels good.”?
Lucky guess.

So many lies...
She needs to believe.
That play money’s real;
the roses are fresh;
how you lassoed the moon
with chicken wire;
how I’m a lovesick “friend”
who cries every day,
not this
chuckling bitch
with a steeltrap memory.

Cindy is a New York textbook editor by day, a hardboiled Jersey female by night. Her fiction has appeared in Black Petals, The Beat, The Cynic, Red Fez, Zygote in My Coffee, Hardboiled, Devil Blossoms, & 13th Warrior Review. She has three collections of stories out: Angel of Manslaughter, Gutter Balls, and Calpurnia’s Window. She is the editor of the e-zine, Yellow Mama. She is also a thrill seeker, a Gemini, and a Christian.

closer than hope
By Jack T. Marlowe, Feb 28, 2008

the stuttering radio
can’t compete
with the music
inside your skull

yesterday’s fallout
like a big bass

while the thump
of headboard
against wall
keeps pace.

it sounds like
your next door
must have got
last night

and his luck
hasn’t run out yet
unlike your own

missing in action
like your patience
your faith
your best friend
your woman
and the contents
of your wallet

but you know
there’s enough left
in your pocket
to pay for a bottle
of pain killers

and the dollar store
is just around
the corner

closer than hope
and much easier
to deal with.

taking Mr. Williams for a ride
(after “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams)

By Jack T. Marlowe, Feb 28, 2008

so much depends

an old blue pickup

glazed with bird

beneath the sprawling
red oak.

Jack T. Marlowe is a working-class malcontent from Dallas, Texas. A writer of poetry and fiction, he is also a veteran of the open mic. His writing has distressed the pages of Zygote in My Coffee, Cause & Effect, Yellow Mama, Clockwise Cat, The Smoking Poet, and Underground Voices. Jack can also be found online at his website.


Duotrope's Digest reported that decomP was #4 in the Top 25 Swiftest Poetry Markets and #13 in the Top 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets before 2007 submissions closed.

TV or not TV
By Brian Rosenberger, Feb 21, 2008

The woman with the TV
between her legs

Commercials her foreplay
and her orgasms
more intense and
than the best episode
of your favorite show
memorable and timeless
in High Def and Dolby Digital

The remote
a wizard’s wand
producing true magic
changing channels
without any hands

She is
Prime time
all the time

Married Life Psalm
By Brian Rosenberger , Feb 21, 2008

With God as my witness
I swear
you’d rather eat
than have sex
and myself
I’d rather eat than
have sex
with you

Brian Rosenberger was last seen in the company of Sushi, a featured dancer at Innsmouth's infamous Thrills and Gills Gentleman's Club. Prior to that, his writings appeared or will be appearing in Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Erotic Tales V. 2, Read By Dawn V.1 & V.3, Blackest Death V. 3, Twisted Cat Tales and more. He also authored the chapbook Poems that Go SPLAT. Updates concerning his current whereabouts can be found at his website.

No Memory
By Ward Crockett , Mar 09, 2008

I could stab the hypothalamus of God—
then there would be no memory of memory.
But there would have to be book bonfires,
their pages curling like animated origami.
There would have to be langoliers to scarf
down pockets of Maquis Saturdays.
There would have to be a
bulldozing of cemeteries,
wrecking balls pulverizing mausoleums,
concrete flooding the catacombs,
and rock sanders on epitaphs.
There would have to be Hiroshima
to truly forget
what you did.

Ward Crockett is a freelance writer and filmmaker in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His fiction, nonfiction and poetry have appeared or will appear in Catch, Rockstar,, Danger City Two from Contemporary Press, and an upcoming issue of Right Hand Pointing. Three times he has been named a quarterfinalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. His film work can be browsed, perused and otherwise examined here.