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Hillary Kobernick is a three-time member of Atlanta’s Art Amok! Slam Team. She holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from Emory University, meaning that she has, in fact (if not in theory), mastered the Divine. She divides her time between home and places like home. Her work has appeared in literary magazines in the US and Canada, including Paper Nautilus, Bellevue Literary Review, Cobalt, and The Mochila Review. Her work can always be found at hillarykobernickpoetry.tumblr.com.

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1st Floor, Building C

Hillary Kobernick

The mammogram center
is actually very soothing.
It’s everything you wish
your Pap smear was.

The robes come out of
steaming cupboards
and when you unsnap
your bra, you want to
peel off your pants, too.

There is not too much
pink and at the piano
in the atrium someone
is playing, now. It’s not
ironic, it’s Mozart, but
once someone dared to
play “Thank You.” And

the women, who did not
wear pink and could only
describe themselves as
not knowing, hummed
the same line under their
breath: Thank you providence.
Thank you university hospitals.
Thank you for the piano.

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