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Edward Manzi lives in Tahoe City, CA, with his wife, baby daughter, and dog. He has an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. His poems have been published in Blood Lotus, Snow Monkey, Word Riot, The Bakery, Paper Nautilus, The Hoot and Hare Review, Sun’s Skeleton, and other places. He has had poems nominated for a Pushcart (2012, 2014) and Best of the Net (2010). “XLIV” is from a book-length poem titled “The Abandoned Castle.”

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Edward Manzi

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My oblivious misgivings are fornicating on a rock, in a field where
it is quite possible some people may walk by.

Would you establish certainty if you could, or would you extend
yourself beyond the bright colors of the hot air balloons floating
above the smoke of a brushfire being controlled by men in green

Collaborating with snails I am steadfast in the snow that is up to my
waist and I am happy trudging, longing for nothing, but the next step
and possibly the sight of some animal getting along in its home.

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