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Blake Lee Stephens is the editor of Smoking Glue Gun & served as editor of delta volume 53. Her poems have appeared in elimae, Crescent City Review, Grist & Anemone Sidecar.

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when I think I have anything

Blake Lee Stephens

life puts on my clothes
lies on my bed
& uncreates
something unsprouts
in my tummy & I feel young
           (shiny & quiet)

plants come out
of my mouth & ungrow
in the ground

           your voice is real low
                      sweet like
                      flashy & sad
           & everything reverts

we live on the ground
but we stay inside, places
grow into forever

           and you say we can only run away to right here

we find black holes
above our shoulders
& realize we’ve forgotten
our heads

without them
how will we whistle them

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