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Jessica Morey-Collins is an MFA student at the University of New Orleans, where she works as associate poetry editor for Bayou Magazine. She received a scholarship to study at the NYS Summer Writer’s Institute and was a finalist for the 4th Annual Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest. Her poems and nonfiction can be found or are forthcoming in Pleiades, Vinyl Poetry, ILK Journal, Superstition Review, The Boiler Journal, Animal Literary Journal, and elsewhere. She blogs on craft for the North American Review.

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Jessica Morey-Collins

Moths migrate
toward the false moons
of the human habitat.              Once, you asked
                                             hadn’t I had

But for that decade,
turning cheek from the imperative to fuck
was too much

for me. I thought
           I heard this call
           to prayer.         You got in
                                  the habit of taking

                       the stairs
                       two at a time.

We held hands.            Our wrists
                                  didn’t inosculate,
but the moon’s hum
drew our fluids
through showy loops.               I reached for you.

                       My fingertips smoked
                       against a light bulb.

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