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James Ardis wrote a collection of Coldplay devotional hymns, A Head Full of Dreams (Long Day Press, 2018). He also wrote a strategy guide for getting kicked out of your Arkansas home, Your Arkansas: A Strategy Guide (Gauss PDF, 2016).

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James Ardis

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Hello! I am the content creator WankerTron that you all know and love, the leading source of information on erotic photoshops and creating your own erotic photoshops. My philosophy is that anyone can create an effective erotic photoshop. I don’t believe I was born with a better chance of making them than anyone else. In fact, I believe the artform is better for the input of people from all different backgrounds. I am WankerTron, your guide through the erotic photoshops industry!

Recent Uploads

It’s Not Enough To Make Them Nude- The Fundamentals of Erotic Photoshops


Description: I know the impulse too well- there is a celebrity who has never been nude before, so you photoshop them nude. To create an effective erotic photoshop, you must be MORE INVESTED in the viewer’s reaction than the act of undressing. Start with the classics, just like I did: Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, and Ray Liotta. Notice how your audience responds. Do they find your piece disruptive? Pleasurable? Do they suddenly feel closer to Ray Liotta than their own friends and fam[...]

You’ve Made Them Nude, Now What? Your Guide to Finding An Audience

Description: 4Chan or Reddit? Tumblr or a WordPress blog? You are absolutely right to think that finding the perfect home for your erotic photoshops is a difficult yet fundamental part of your job. I crafted my first erotic photoshop while I was studying at Wichita State University, thousands of miles from my native Taiwan. Needless to say, I needed to produce great photoshops and gain a following quickly or else my dormmates at Wichita State would question how I spent my time. To make friends at Wichita State University, just like in Taiwan, I would need to be perfect[...]

When You Make Them Nude, But No One Sees- Facing Rejection and Apathy in the Industry

Description: I thought I was producing some of the best erotic photoshops of 2007. The year, at the time, was 2007. However, as I mastered Ray Liotta’s body and showed the students of Wichita State University how I mastered Ray Liotta’s body, those Wichita State students started to avoid me. I only made one friend in America before I left, and I still consider it to be a personal failure. The erotic photoshop industry is full of rejection and apathy. Be prepared for it. Just because you’re creating some of the best erotic photoshops of 2007 DOES NOT MEAN Wichita State University will acknowledge you as the creator of the best[...]

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